lumbung finance

Lumbung Finance

Creating fair opportunity for everyone to generate gains from Decentralized Finance protocols with affordable plan.

DeFi. Simplified.

Lumbung Finance is a service, providing easier way to generate gains from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols.

This service packed with proven strategies, rendering the autonomous process of managing your capital into DeFi protocols such as Lending, Collateral, Leverage, Providing Liquidity, Harvest Yields, turn Yields back to Capital starting point, manage your debt-ratio, repeating the process and take heuristic action to every opportunities.

The service built to help literally everyone, with minimum knowledge requirement to harness the maximum potency of DeFi movements.

lumbung finance defi farm

Affordable starting capital (from $10), with no expertise on smart-contract interactions needed. Everyone can start their DeFi farm with small capital and grow their assets by compounding their yields.

lumbung finance defi farm

Simple asset management, no need to watch bunch of assets performance on a stuffed portfolio viewer. Start with only USDT and track your asset's growth in USD (realtime) value.

lumbung finance defi farm

Choose your strategy or mix them to suit your risk profile and your expected gains. We provide only proven strategies from conservative to aggresive approach.

Our Strategies.

Only proven strategies, cautiously chained with efficiency and risk mitigation in mind.

Farming Fields.

We work on world's leading Decentralized Finance protocols.

Protocols Type
Autofarm Yield Optimizer
Yearn Finance Yield Optimizer
Beefy Finance Yield Optimizer
Pancake Swap Liquidity Mining
Uniswap Liquidity Mining
Venus Lending
JustLend Lending

Supplied Liquidity

Lending Protocol:

Custody Address: TCeqDdaX...53DAqN5

Min Collateral Ratio: 150%


We believe in the freedom of information, all Lumbung Finance strategy and positions are open to public.

lumbung finance defi farm


Some said, DeFi is a huge ocean, dominated by big whales. But, as a team, even small fishes could turn the tides.

We are actively supporting and help each other, not only because we incentivized to do that, but because we understand: in order to make our dream works, we need teamwork!